Monday, March 14, 2011

Why people need to THINK, for once

First of all.

STOP FREAKING OUT PEOPLE. Be calm, be logical, and used the prized human intelligence of yours. And stop screaming.


I've had enough. Just I've had enough. Just $&#%ing enough. My dad won't stop bugging me with "updates" from "experts" about how dangerous the power plant situation is, and apparently that's all the media wants to talk about.
amp;#%ing enough. My dad won't stop bugging me with "updates" from "experts" about how dangerous the power plant situation is, and apparently that's all the media wants to talk about.

Let's think about it. We're worried that something we don't know anything about (apologies to the nuclear physicsists reading this, obviously this does not apply to you) might somehow go wrong into an unforeseen worst case scenario where we can't really say what will happen, despite multiple credible analyses from experts in the field that we are still working within predicted boundaries and that it won't be Chernobyl.

What did you say is going to happen again? Radio-active wind? How radioactive? What sort of possible damage are we talking about? Where's this wind headed anyways? What caused the wind to be radioactive: the explosion? And probably the best question of all:

Does anybody really know what's going on?
(No. You don't. Admit it.)

Certainly not the media. Plus, even if they did, they won't report it. The last couple of years should have more than adequately shown to people who have a brain cell that the news media is not interested in reporting true news. They report what you, the audience, want to hear. And right now, since you are irrationally and idiotically scared of a possible nuclear meltdown, even though you probably have no idea what that word really means (what's a meltdown?), that's what's being reported. And it's damn irresponsible. See here:

And, let's not forget:

Thirdly: There are thousands of people lost or stranded or dying in Tohoku RIGHT NOW

While a small team of people try to prevent a little glob of stuff being spread over a 500m radius and possibly infecting an evacuated area... There are people trapped in rubble, stranded without food, washed out to sea, or just plain unaccounted for.

Bottom line: Tens of thousands of real people. Dying.

And the ones who are safe are left without SHELTER, without FOOD, some probably injured without adequate AID, not KNOWING if their loved ones are alright, and terrified of the possibility of another tsunami from the aftershocks. Which are still happening from time to time. Entire towns were obliterated by sea water on Friday, tens of thousands are missing and apparently all that is now unimportant compared to omgnucularfactoryzomg. That's just wrong.

So, dear blog readers, I would like to invite you all to read up on some of the things that are happening, resist thinking "but there's nothing I can do right now" and at least keep them in your thoughts. Anything you can do would be appreciated, of course. And yes, it is more immediate for me here in America, and yes life must go on, but since this is something I can personally help with for the time being, it will be a large factor of my life for the oncoming months. (Especially since I could have just as easily been assigned up to that region on Japan for JET)

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